Cuil, WTF?

July 29, 2008 —

A quick vanity search (on my name, Aaron Mentele) at brand new search engine slash Google-killer, Cuil, returns an interesting rethink of the way I expect to get search results. Unfortunately, I can’t see past the garbage to dwell long on the visual shift.

For instance, page one includes my linkedin profile. That makes sense. But then there are four marginally related results from the Electric Pulp site. And by “marginally related,” I mean that I work at Electric Pulp. One of these results is paired up with Michael Hall’s photo – even though I went to the effort of microformatting those profiles. (I’m not Michael Hall, by the way.)

Then we move on to results from Brian Oberkirch’s site. It seems there is a trackback or two on that site back to my personal site, so Cuil pairs Brian’s photo with said results.

After that, nothing makes sense. I can’t even guess at the logic.

So, to recap: WTF is this? Ten pages deep into this garbage, I still can’t find my personal site. Maybe it’s the confusing url I selected, Whatever it is, I think it’s time to rethink the launch early mantra. It doesn’t work for everyone.

UPDATE: Proof, that Cuil is at least consistent.

10 Responses to “Cuil, WTF?”

  1. Nicholas Schlueter

    I still firmly believe in the launch early mantra. Cuil is in a tough place. Anybody who’s goal is to compete with google knows they have a long road ahead. I, like you, am unimpressed. But I think competition will be good, provided the results get better.

    At least they are getting feedback :)

  2. Deane

    I was crazy unimpressed with this compared with all the attention it was getting. Their launch was very, very bad — I heard nothing but bad things about it all day.

    Epic fail. Perhaps fatal. Everything I heard yesterday is going to be tough to recover from.

  3. nic

    if it’s pronounced anything like the first part of my last name, WTF for reelz.

  4. Paul

    The image feature is killing this launch. Must shut if off. And quick.

  5. Deane

    The best thing ever: Cuil cannot find itself.

    The fail is strong with this one.

  6. Aaron Mentele


  7. Corey V.

    I attempted to Cuil myself (Corey Vilhauer) when this launched. I was met with a blank stare, as of Cuil thought it was above self-cuiling.

    I just tried again, reminded by this post. The first two pages were filled with a column I had written for Millions, a book blog. My twitter account was there, but that’s about it. Not a single image looked familiar. Not a one.

    It took me six pages before Black Marks on Wood Pulp showed up. My linked in was nowhere.

    Of course, there was one thing you’ll be happy about, Aa. For some reason, YOUR twitter page was ranked higher than BMOWP.

  8. Aaron Mentele

    @Corey – people can’t be trusted to represent themselves. Apparently.

  9. Corey V.

    Well, if people come to you looking for me, at least do me a favor and say I’m a nice guy. Or that I smell nice.

  10. Aaron Mentele

    @Nicholas – I wonder if their goal was just to sell (to Microsoft) and their PR firm told everyone their goal was to compete with Google. Whatever the case, launching with garbage results makes them look like asshats. They should have either waited until they figured out the search matches or explained that they knew their results were going to blow for a while.

    @Nic – that’s damn funny.

    @Corey – I’ll do my best.