The unicorn’s horn looks crooked

January 20, 2009 —

Yesterday, I mentioned and the significance of President Obama’s understanding and use of the web. Today, the new was unveiled, giving further proof.

Both sites demonstrate something we’ve never before seen: an administration with a genuine desire to connect with the public. And they’re using the internet to do it. This desire alone is a profound move forward for the country.

What makes it exciting as a web guy, though, is the idea that our government is now demonstrating an appreciation for design, usability, and accessibility* on the web. The fact that these sites validate is big. So is the White House’s new creative commons license on site content.

There are other observations being made around the coolers, though. The code isn’t semantically correct. The site is running off of As far as I’m concerned, these are distractions. The negative comments remind me of those coming from the trolls on Zeldman’s post regarding the Apple store redesign. Unnecessary.

Maybe it’s time to cut back a bit on the elitism and recognize that sometimes better comes in steps. What we got today is a really big step.

One Response to “The unicorn’s horn looks crooked”

  1. Ryan

    Well said. Are their efforts not worthwhile if they fall short of perfection? I certainly don’t think so. As a web professional, it makes me happy to see such great effort put forth. The points you bring up are only things that those in our field would care about. The good news is, that still leaves about 300 million citizens who are blissfully unaware of such distractions and will be able to focus instead on the important progress.